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Are you passionate about wellness, health, and balanced living? Do you create engaging content that inspires others to lead a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle? If so, Forage Hyperfoods invites you to join our affiliate program and earn up to 18% commission!

Preferred Content Themes

Lifestyle Content: Influencers focused on wellness, health, and balanced living.

Product Reviews: Honest and detailed reviews of health and wellness products.

Educational Content: Information about functional mushrooms, their benefits, and how to use them, including foragers and plant identification content.

Recipes and Usage Ideas: Creative ways to incorporate mushroom tinctures into daily routines.

Holistic Health: Content related to overall physical and mental well-being, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness experts, nutritionists, dietitians, alternative medicine practitioners, and holistic lifestyle influencers.

Sustainable Living: Eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle practices.

  • @Terianncarty

    With over 38K followers, Terri Ann Carty is a yoga teacher who develops vegan recipes.

  • @Gracefull_Vegan

    With over 50K followers, Ashleigh is a vegan chef featured by Buzzfeed. She beautifully captured the benefits and usages of our mushroom tinctures.

  • @ReclaimedHealthJayde

    With over 25K followers and a unique focus on holistic health, Jayde, a mother of 2 has featured our Reishi mushroom tincture.

Earn Up to 18% Commission with Forage Hyperfoods

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