Meet Forage Hyperfoods

Forage, the practice of seeking out what nature has already provided, accurately encapsulates our approach to incorporating functional mushrooms to health and wellness.

Who We Are

We exist to make the benefits of medicinal mushrooms more accessible to more people. For over 5 years, our skilled foragers have wild harvested some of Canada’s best-loved, premium quality Chaga. Nowadays, we offer more types of Canadian grown functional mushrooms in a variety of enjoyable formats, so that more people can enjoy mushrooms every day.

No Fillers, No Grains, Only Real Mushrooms

We are proud to offer whole fruiting body mushrooms that are sustainably wild-harvested and organically cultivated in Canada. Our mushrooms are carefully selected, processed and extracted in-house, and rigorously tested by independent labs to ensure safety, purity, and potency. 

Something for Everyone 

We strive to make preventative, functional mushrooms easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, alongside the education you need to decide what’s best for you.

Mushroom Tinctures

Concentrated, convenient, extracted in-house.

Mushroom Coffee

Chaga coffee blends, available in easy formats. 

Raw Chaga 

Wild-harvested and prepared to your liking. 


Sourced with integrity, processed with intention and packaged with care. We assure our products are free of contaminants and fillers, so you get only the good stuff.


Transparency and education are key to empowered product decisions. We offer a varied portfolio of products for a diverse community with diverse needs, goals and lifestyles.


Individual health is only possible in healthy communities, on a healthy planet. We are committed to minimizing our footprint in all our cultivation and manufacturing processes. 

Words from our Founders 

We have personally used functional mushrooms as part of our health and wellness routine for many years. Upon further investigation into the source and quality of the mushroom products we were consuming, we realized two things: many products on the market contain mushrooms sourced from China and Russia, and others do not contain whole fruiting body mushrooms at all. 

Knowing the abundant natural supply our Canadian forests offer, we knew there had to be a better way of providing mushroom goodness to the market in North America. Fungi are some of the oldest living organisms on this planet and have been used medicinally for thousands of years. We wholeheartedly believe in the healing power of functional mushrooms and strive to offer the highest quality and most bioavailable products, coupled with a transparent and sustainable supply chain. 

We are passionate about fungi, preventative health, and helping people find the health in their habits with mushrooms. 

Jonathan & Chanel