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Meet Forage

We believe holistic and preventative
fungi medicine is for everybody.


Our wellness as individuals is only meaningful when the land can support healthy communities. The Forage Hyperfoods team is dedicated to maintaining healthy forests that will provide abundance for future generations.


We believe wellness is for everybody, and recognize the challenges of modern day life that get in the way. With that in mind, we offer a variety of Chaga products designed to accommodate a wide variety of needs. We’re not here to gatekeep health. Whether your wellness practice is central and sacred to your day, or you’re just trying to feel 10% better to keep up with your life, we welcome you.


We are careful to make transparent, accurate claims about the medicinal benefits of Chaga. We aim to guide each of our customers to make an empowered, well-informed purchase. If you have any questions, kindly see our "About Chaga" page, or send us an email at