Where We Source From

We proudly hand harvest Chaga, Reishi, and Turkey Tail mushrooms from pristine forests in Québec, Canada. We harvest deep in the woods, away from pollutants and other contaminants which mushrooms may absorb due to their porous nature.

We cultivate our Lion's Mane mushrooms in our GLOBALG.A.P. certified container farm in Ottawa, Ontario.

  • A closeup texture of raw Canadian Chaga chunks.


    As a parasitic fungus, Chaga primarily grows on birch trees in cold climates where it appears as a black, charcoal-like mass with a woody, orange interior.

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  • A close up of dark red dried Reishi.


    Reishi mushrooms have a unique red or brown fan-shaped cap, making them easily identifiable. Most Reishi sold today is cultivated commercially but is found abundantly in the wild in North America.

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  • Closeup of dried turkey tail mushroom.

    Turkey Tail

    Turkey Tail is a multicoloured fungus with a unique shape and colour, which resembles the feathers on a turkey’s tail. Turkey Tail is a common mushroom that grows on dead or dying logs in the forest. 

    Learn more about Turkey Tail here 
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom close up.

    Lion's Mane

    As its name suggests, Lion’s Mane features a stringy, white fruiting body that resembles the mane of a lion. Lion’s Mane grows on hardwood trees in temperate forests throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

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  • Sugar cane close up growing in a field with a gray sky. Showing the sugar-cane that is used to grow Forage Hyperfood's alcohol source which is used in their Original functional/medicinal mushroom tinctures.


    Our organic, cane-derived Ethyl Alcohol is pharmaceutical grade, non-GMO, and sourced in North America.

  • A close-up of rapeseed plants, which are bright yellow flowers. They are used to demonstrate the source of the vegetable glycerin which Forage Hyperfoods uses to make its Alcohol-Free functional/medicinal mushroom tinctures.

    Vegetable Glycerin

    Our glycerin is 99.7% pure and derived from non-GMO rapeseed oil sourced in North America. We proudly use the highest pharmaceutical grade available.

  • Texture of coffee beans close up.

    Arabica Coffee

    Our fair-trade and ethically sourced Arabica beans are sourced from Honduras (20%) and Brazil (80%).