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Functional Mushrooms and Cold Pressed Juices for a Healthy Gut

So you’ve done your research and are looking to try functional mushrooms to finally work on your gut health! That’s great, but now you’re wondering what the next step is. We’ve got you covered. Combine your functional mushroom tinctures with a Pulp & Press juice cleanse! The combination of cold-pressed juice with our tinctures has so many great benefits, you’ll wish you tried it sooner! Ready to learn more? Read below. 

What is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a great way to detoxify your body, relax an uptight digestive system, and pump your body full of powerful nutrients. Pulp & Press has juice cleanses that range from  2-7 days that are perfectly curated to bring your body all of the nutrients it needs to reset and feel its best. Drinking cold pressed juice is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body, but the idea of only consuming juice for a length of time can seem a little daunting so we thought we would share some misconceptions about cleansing! 

Misconceptions about Cleansing

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1. “Won’t I be hungry?” 

The idea of not eating any solid food for days feels scary, but the main benefits of completing a juice cleanse is to provide your digestive organs with a much-needed break, enabling your body to benefit from the surge of vitamins and nutrients. You may be worried that you’ll be hungry with no solid food, but with 7 juices per day, scheduled every 2 hours, cleansers have reported feeling satisfied throughout the day, especially with water consumed between each juice!

2.“It will be too difficult”.

Like all new things, your mind will be excited, nervous and a wee bit apprehensive to try it. But to ensure your juice cleansing experience is one that isn't just highly nutritious, but delicious as well, our combination of smoothies, probiotics, juices and wellness shots are curated to keep you feeling full throughout the length of your cleanse. Plus every cleanse comes with a guide on how to get the most of your cleanse. 

3. “What about the sugar intake?”

Our bodies thrive with natural fruit-based sugars because we’re able to metabolize them much easier than processed or refined sugars. For healthy individuals with no underlying medical concerns, the naturally occurring sugars in cold-pressed juices should be no cause for alarm! Cold-pressed juice is not the same as the juice we’re used to seeing at the breakfast table. Cold-pressed juice has no added sugar, any sweetness is 100% natural. 

Juice cleanses and overall gut health

How’s your gut functioning? Many things you might experience on the daily can be a result of poor gut health. Here are some symptoms to watch out for:

  • Chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas, or bloating
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Weakened immune system
  • Headaches, brian fog, memory loss
  • Excessive fatigue

A juice cleanse can serve as a quick intervention and set you on the right track to better gut health. The Complete Cleanse has vegan probiotics and fiber that will revive your digestive system, and is easily achieved by beginners.

Looking for an extra push?

Drinking probiotic juices is a great way to help maintain a healthy balance in your body. When you’re sick, bad bacteria enters your body and knocks your health off-balance. Probiotics and other good bacteria work to fight off the bad bacteria and restore harmony within your body. Pulp & Press has two delicious cold pressed drinks made from a white tea base boasting 3 billion live vegan probiotic cultures per serving, these juices help keep your digestive tract feeling happy and healthy. Read more about Probiotics here.

Pulp and Press and Forage Hyperfoods Pairings 

Are you looking for the perfect pairing between your favourite Pulp & Press juice and mushroom tincture? See our suggestions below!

Spicy Lemon with Turkey Tail Tincture- The perfect combination for improving your gut flora with a delicious zest and pleasant taste. Spicy Lemon has ginger to help with gut health, and turmeric to help alleviate inflammation, which pair well with many of the benefits Turkey Tail delivers.

Hulk and Chaga Tincture- The heavy hitters of the tincture and juice world coming together. This combination delivers the benefits of nutrient-rich green juice with Chaga’s powerful immune boosting properties, all while giving you the maximum dose of everyday nutrition.

Forage Hyperfoods Chaga Tincture and Hulk green juice by Pulp and Press.

Envy with Reishi Tincture- Few would consider additional fruits and vegetables as part of your bedtime routine, but combining the adaptogenic benefits of Reishi with this drink will leave you feeling well rested and provide natural stress relief.

Envy fruit juice by Pulp and press and Reishi Tincture by Forage Hyperfoods.

Beta Blaster with Lion’s Mane Tincture- Wake up and feel refreshed and energized, with healthy skin and sharper eyesight. You’ll also notice an increase in overall energy and a sharper mental state.

Beta Blaster vegetable cleanse juice and Lion's Mane tincture.

All of these juices are in the Pulp & Press Original Cleanse. The Original cleanse kit includes cold pressed juices that will replace your meals over a three day period in order to help boost nutrients and give your body a reset. 

What’s Included:

  • Beet juices to support healthy blood flow
  • Green juices to help detox your body
  • Activated charcoal juices to help flush toxins

Interested in trying a Pulp & Press juice cleanse? Enjoy 25% off select 3-7 day cleanses with promo code: FORAGE. Not sure what cleanse is right for you? Book a free 15 minute consultation with our cleanse expert. Click here to make an appointment. 


See how easy it is to boost gut health with the simple addition of functional mushrooms to your Pulp & Press cleanse? Now that you’ve done a little more research. You’re ready to take the next steps for your gut health. 

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