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Combining Chaga and Lion’s Mane for Physical and Mental Well-Being

Chaga and Lion’s Mane are functional mushrooms, meaning they’re natural, edible, and can provide benefits beyond simple nutritional support. While many people opt to take one or the other, it’s perfectly fine to take both together. In fact, by doing so, you’ll be reaping the combined benefits of these two fungal powerhouses.

What can you expect when taking these two fungal powerhouses together? We’ll get to that soon, but first, let’s review the benefits of each mushroom individually.  

What are the benefits of Chaga?

A hand holding a Canadian Chaga conk.

Although most people refer to it as a mushroom, Chaga is actually a sclerotia—a hardened mass of fungal mycelium. It primarily grows on birch trees in colder regions of the northern hemisphere.

Also known as the “king of mushrooms,” Chaga is brimming with nutrients and has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any food. Chaga’s main claim to fame is supporting a healthy immune function, although it also supports a healthy stress response, digestion, metabolic health, heart health, and skin health.

What are the benefits of Lion’s Mane?

With a shaggy, white fruiting body, Lion’s Mane mushroom is a unique-looking fungus that grows on hardwood trees in the northern hemisphere.

Whereas Chaga is best known for immune system support, Lion’s Mane is well-known in the wellness world for it’s brain-boosting benefits. Due to two types of compounds found in this mushroom—hericenones and erinacines—Lion’s Mane has been shown to support cognitive functions (such as memory, productivity, and focus), nerve cell growth, and improved mood.

The benefits of combining Chaga and Lion’s Mane  

While it’s A-OK to take only one or the other, combining Chaga and Lion’s Mane will give you the best of both worlds.

Chaga offers more support in terms of overall physical health, namely supporting immunity, digestion, and a healthy stress response. Lion’s mane offers immune support as well, however, it’s main benefits center around improving mood, focus, and productivity, as well as supporting nerve health.

By taking them together, you’ll be holistically supporting your physical and mental health, leading to increased energy, focus, and well-being.

How to obtain functional mushrooms

Unlike shitake or button mushrooms, you can’t buy functional mushrooms in grocery stores. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean you have to trudge through forests to get your hands on some. Functional mushrooms are widely available online in a variety of forms, including tincture, capsule, powder, tea, and even coffee.

Like anything, however, not all functional mushroom products are created equal, so be sure you’re getting yours from a reputable company whose mushrooms are wild-harvested, properly extracted, and tested for contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, and gluten.

A simple way to take Chaga and Lion’s Mane together

One simple and tasty way to combine these two fungal superstars is by adding Lion’s Mane tincture to Chaga coffee, both of which we offer at Forage Hyperfoods. 

Our medium-dark roast Chaga coffee—made with Arabica coffee beans and wild-harvested Chaga extract—offers a rich, robust flavor and is available in three convenient forms: Keurig pods, Nespresso pods, and ground


By drinking Chaga coffee, you’ll not only receive antioxidants from coffee and Chaga, but you’ll actually mitigate some of coffee’s negative effects. This is because, when added to coffee, Chaga supports smoother digestion due to the natural prebiotics and polysaccharides it contains. Chaga also reduces coffee-induced jitters thanks to its ability to help the body adapt to any form of stress.

Create a healthy morning habit by brewing yourself a rich, steaming cup of Chaga coffee and then adding two droppers of our Canadian-cultivated Lion’s Mane tincture (available in original or alcohol free). This easy routine is a great way to start the day and consume both of these medicinal mushrooms simultaneously. You could even whip up this health-boosting concoction mid-day to combat the dreaded afternoon slump.

The bottom line

While Chaga and Lion’s Mane can certainly be taken individually, taking them together provides adaptogenic and immune system benefits while also supporting mental clarity and focus.

At Forage Hyperfoods, we offer Chaga coffee and a Lion’s Mane tincture, making it super simple to get the benefits of these two fungal medicines in one energizing beverage. To try this health-promoting combo yourself, check out our new Chaga Coffee and Lion’s Mane Tincture Bundle.

By starting your day with a cup of Chaga coffee infused with Lion’s Mane tincture, you’ll be supporting your physical and mental health in ways that will allow you to feel and function your absolute best. 



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