Why Functional Mushrooms?

Of the many species of fungi, certain ones have unique functional benefits. In addition to their nutritional benefits, these mushrooms provide health benefits such as lowering stress levels, improving cognitive function, and bolstering the immune system.

Our Mushrooms

A large conk of Canadian Chaga mushroom.


This hardy fungus yields many of its nutritious compounds from the birch bark on which it grows, thriving in cold wintery conditions. 

Source: Canadian wild-harvested, Certified Organic

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A round piece of Lion's Mane mushroom on a white background. It's a light cream coloured mushroom with tendrils.

Lion's Mane

This large, white, shaggy mushroom is used both in some Eastern cuisine and medicine traditions.

Source: Canadian cultivated

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A Wild-harvested Canadian reishi mushroom in its signature fan-shape.


Also known as Lingzhi, this mushroom has long been a staple in Eastern Medicine intended to protect against infection and illness. 

Source: Canadian Wild-Harvested

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A full Turkey Tail mushroom.

Turkey Tail

Compounds of this striped, frilly mushroom is an approved adjunct cancer treatment in Japan. It’s very commonly found in North American forests. 

Source: Canadian Wild-Harvested.

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  • The Mushroom Glossary

    Highlighting common and unique terms within the medicinal mushroom world.

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Functional Mushrooms

    What are functional mushrooms? What mushrooms are considered
    medicinal mushrooms?

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  • What are Fruiting Bodies and Why Do We Use Them?

    Fruiting bodies are the most nutrient-rich, efficacious part of a mushroom and are typically, what people think of when they visualize fungi.

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Mycelium

    Did you know that the part that people commonly refer to as a mushroom is connected to thousands of thread like fibers underneath?  This is called mycelium.

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Chitin

    What do crustaceans, fungi, algae, and insects have in common? These organisms all contain a substance called chitin. 

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  • Adaptogens

    Adaptogens are a group of plants, herbs, roots, and fungi that are said to improve your body’s resilience to and tolerance of stress of any kind.

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Mushroom Health Connections

Find out how to make functional mushrooms work for you.

  • Brain-Gut Connection

    Research suggests that gut health can profoundly influence a person’s mental well-being. Explore the brain-gut connection and how functional mushrooms can support a healthy, balanced gut.

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  • Chaga for Diabetes

    While a healthy lifestyle is still the foundation for diabetes management, Chaga’s health benefits are substantial and worth considering.

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  • Stress Management

    While it might be tempting to turn to a glass (or three) of wine to soothe your nerves, adaptogens offer a much healthier, more effective way to deal with stress.

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