What to Look for When Buying Functional Mushrooms

What to Look for When Buying Functional Mushrooms

The growing interest in functional mushrooms is real and the evidence of their efficacy is mounting. But like anything else, there are elements to consider if you're looking to buy. Consider the following when shopping for your functional mushrooms. 

The Source

I was a big fan of a major company in the functional mushroom space and was disappointed to find out that they sourced from China. This fact was buried in their website and to me is unacceptable. Given mushrooms' porous nature they may contain dangerous air pollutants and the substrate (the material on which the mushrooms grow) is a mystery.  Forage hand-harvests our mushrooms from the Boreal Forests in Northern Canada and we do this sustainability to maintain healthy forests that will provide abundance for future generations.

If you are interested in raw Chaga you can find it here in three formats.


Mushrooms are very porous and take on everything in their environment, so if they are not processed in a very particular way, the quality of the end-product can be compromised. Most of our competitors including the big ones, use a water-based or alcohol-based dual-extraction method which extracts about 70-80% of the active compounds. Forage uses a laboratory-grade ultrasonic extraction method that extracts 90-95% of the active compounds. No chemicals are used in the extraction process and the waste becomes a healthy compost. It's a win-win!

Traditional tinctures are alcohol-based but we also offer an alcohol-free version. I prefer the alcohol-free to use in my coffees and smoothies.

Size Matters

Our competitors use anywhere from a 60 to 100 ml bottle while ours is 118 ml. In some cases, you get double the amount for the same price! 

Organic and Other Certifications

We just received our Certified Organic Seal on our Chaga with the rest of our mushrooms not far behind. A process that often takes years and brings with it an exhaustive application and auditing process is that we have achieved is our licensing from Health Canada with are our Natural Health Product (NHP) Site License and our Natural Product Number (NPN) designation. 

Oh and one (three?) more thing: Our products are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and of course Non-GMO .

The Founders

A word on the people who founded Forage. Chanel and Jon Murray are high-integrity individuals who are dedicated to producing safe and effective products. Their attention to detail and our customers are incomparable. For me, knowing about the people behind the product are as important as the product itself. 


Ready to shop for premium functional mushrooms? Check our Mushroom Tinctures and Coffee products. 




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