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Because of our dedication to detail, our seriousness about quality control, and our commitment to making sure that every single lb of chaga that leaves our production facility is as high quality as can be – free from defect, mold, and any other “filler substances” that some other operations try to pass off, we have already been able to partner up with a number of major operations all over the world.

The overwhelming majority of our customers are repeat customers (and we take this relationship and this trust very seriously), and in an effort to make sure that we are always providing the best bulk chaga products we make sure to work only with harversters trained by us and that are, like us, passionate about what they do.  

Our promise to you

After choosing to partner with us for your wholesale chaga needs you’ll get our assistance every single step of the way, and we go to great lengths to guarantee that you and your customers will be over the moon with everything we’re able to offer as far as bulk chaga mushrooms are concerned!
As our trusted partner in providing the world with only the highest quality chaga mushrooms, you won’t ever have to worry about your customers enjoying anything less than the best of the best.

We are so sure that you and your customers will enjoy the care we take in producing the best quality chaga you can get that we have an established open door policy here. If you’d ever like to swing by our production facilities, just drop in and we’ll be happy to accommodate. 

Ready to discuss a possible partnership for your wholesale chaga needs? Contact us!