A New Morning Ritual

Get the rich, robust flavours of medium-dark roast coffee with complimentary wild-harvested Chaga to promote immune health while combatting caffeine jitters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chaga-infused Coffee

Is the coffee made from mushrooms?

This coffee is not made from mushrooms. This coffee is a blend of 80% Brazilian and 20% Honduran Arabica coffee beans and our wild Canadian Chaga extract powder.

What is the mushroom dosage like on these?

Our Out of the Woods Coffee is highly potent with a healthy dose of Chaga mushrooms. There is 2000 mg of Chaga extract in our coffee bags and Keurig pods, while our Nespresso is lower dosage at 200 mg per pod.

What does this coffee taste like?

Robust flavours of medium dark roast coffee, with complimentary wild-harvested Chaga. You’ll note flavours of brown sugar, hazelnut, and a hint of plum coming together to create a nutty, spicy and sweet taste.