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Chunks, Nuggets or Powder- Which Grind of Chaga Do I Choose?

So, you've decided to try wild-harvested Canadian Chaga after hearing about all of the incredible health benefits it offers. Your next question may be, "Which grind of Chaga do I choose?"

We're here to answer that question today to help you make the best choice!

Ultimately, deciding between Chaga Chunks, Nuggets and Powder depends on personal preference. Each grind will offer a delicious cup of Chaga tea, but one particular grind may be more suitable for your lifestyle than another. Here is a guide to help you decide:

Quick Note-  traditionally, Chaga tea is made by steeping the Chaga for more than an hour. While all of our grinds can accommodate this traditional method of making Chaga tea, here are some unique methods to each grind that we recommend.

Chaga Powder

Size: Chaga powder has been fine ground.
Ideal Method of Preparation: Chaga powder is the most rapid Chaga tea solution. It can be added to a tea bag and steeped for 5-10 minutes for a single cup of Chaga serving. We recommend Chaga Powder if you’ve never tried Chaga tea before.
Cook Time: If steeped in large quantities, we recommend steeping Chaga powder for up to 1 hour.  It has the quickest cooking time paired with an easy clean up.
Reusability: Our Chaga powder cannot be reused. 

Chaga Nuggets

Size: Chaga nuggets are approximately half the size of Chaga Chunks.
Ideal Method of Preparation: Chaga nuggets are the perfect size for tea infusers as they will not go through the fine mesh.
Cook Time: If steeped, we recommend steeping Chaga nuggets for up to 3 hours. Simply set the 1/4th cup of Chaga nuggets in 2 litres of water and heat up. Once it’s a rolling boil, cover and turn down the heat. Stir every hour.
Reusability: Our Chaga nuggets can be reused up to 2 times.

Chaga Chunks

Chaga chunks are roughly 1 inch chunks of Chaga.
Ideal method of Preparation: The most traditional grind of Chaga, this Chaga is ideal for the mushroom forager and classic Chaga tea drinker. Chaga chunks are excellent for large batches of Chaga tea.There’s a tradition that’s well loved of creating a week’s worth of tea at a time with Chaga chunks.
Reusability: Our Chaga chunks can be reused up to 3 times and will yield the highest quantity of tea.

In order to reuse the Chaga nuggets or chunks, you strain the tea then freeze the Chaga nuggets or chunks in a reusable container until you are ready to use it again.

Please note, regardless of how you prepare it– Chaga tea can last up to 10 days in the fridge. Looking for more ways to use your Chaga tea? Consider freezing it in ice cubes! They can easily be added to blended beverages such as smoothies or iced coffee and tea drinks.

Love Chaga Tea? We have a new Chaga grind coming soon that you’ve asked for! 

FAQs about Chaga Tea 

What does Chaga tea taste like?
Chaga tea has a unique, strong, smooth flavour—sometimes compared to an earthy version of medium roast coffee, with soft notes of vanilla. The flavour will not change based on the grind of chaga used.

Can I mix Chaga teas?
Yes! You can mix Chaga tea with other teas to create a more enjoyable flavour. We suggest mixing it with stronger brewed teas and to avoid overboiling the Chaga as to not destroy its health benefits. We recommend it with cooled down chai or black tea, or a more delicate white, fruit or green tea.

How much Chaga tea should I drink in a day?

We recommend 1-2 cups for adults per day. 

Can I drink Chaga tea on an empty stomach?
Yes! Chaga tea is gentle on the stomach and can be consumed on an empty stomach. 

Can you add milk/honey/sugar/lemon to Chaga tea? 
You can add your preferred tea add-ins to your cup of Chaga tea. We recommend maple syrup to add a touch of sweetness and cinnamon to enhance the flavour.

Does Chaga Tea have Caffeine? When is the best time to consume Chaga tea? 
No-Chaga does not have caffeine. Chaga is unlikely to keep you awake because it’s considered an adaptogenic mushroom. Meaning, you can consume chaga tea as you’d like- morning or night. With its stress-reducing properties, Chaga can help you get a deep, restorative sleep so you’re well-rested for the day ahead.

On the other hand, Chaga makes a great alternative for coffee or black tea for those trying to reduce or eliminate caffeine intake. Chaga won’t give you a sudden energy jolt like caffeine and certainly won’t cause any jitters. Chaga promotes balanced energy throughout the day rather than jitters and crashes.

Can I use the Chaga powder in Baking?
Chaga should not be consumed raw and must be simmered and extracted to get the medicinal benefits. We do not recommend you use the powder for baking or decorating as your body cannot digest Chaga in its raw form. However, the tea can be used in some preparations. We recommend you avoid boiling the tea as it will lose some of the nutrients. Instead, you can add the tea near the end of recipes in things like stocks. If you’d like to use it in baking, make a concentrated tea mixture and add it to your baked goods. It works beautifully in baked goods such as coffee cake and oatmeal cookies. 

Additional Chaga tea questions? Check our FAQ page! Still don’t see it answered? Send us an ask on our contact page, our Facebook (@foragehyperfoods) or on Instagram (@mushrooms) and we’ll add it to our list! 

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